THCa Crystal-Infused Flower

THCa crystal-infused flower is a highly potent product for individuals seeking to attain the benefits of flower and concentrated cannabinoids within crystals. At Canna Culture, we believe in giving our experienced clients an exceptional experience with our very own crystal-infused Canna Banana flower. The flower aspect of the product is of Indica lineage, giving smokers the relaxing effects of kush without the sedation of more couch-locking strains. This product contains roughly 40.7% THCa, a precursor cannabinoid that converts to THC after combustion. The total amount of THC and THC combined amounts to about 76%, giving clients an intense cannabis extract-like effect accompanied by the all-natural feel of smoking flower. 

If you are ready to take your cannabis experience to the next level, learn more about our premium crystal-infused flower, or our crystal-infused pre-rolls at our location in San Jose, CA. You can also check out the rest of our online menu to see what else grabs your attention! 

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About THCa and THCa Crystals 

THCa is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol acid and is considered a “precursor” chemical to THC- a substance that can undergo a chemical reaction to become another compound. As cannabis plants grow, they develop cannabinoids that are first present as carboxylic acids that make up the chemical structure of THC. As thermal energy, or heat, is applied to these compounds, they become non-acidic compounds. The entire process of lighting up weed- or combusting- is a process chemistry calls decarboxylation. Most of the cannabinoids in cannabis begin in acidic structures and have different effects once they become their non-acidic, decarboxylated version. 

THCa is an acidic cannabinoid that is found in fresh cannabis, but it can readily decarboxylate into THC when exposed to heat or light in any way. The process can even occur in temperatures between 39 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 18 degrees Celsius). (1)  Since conversion is nearly unavoidable, manufacturers must take special measures to ensure that this reaction occurs at a slower process. Preserving this cannabinoid into a crystal/diamond extract helps to preserve some of the THCa. Many brands add crystal to their products to be able to pack more THC into their product, allowing for higher potency without needing to consume very much of it. It is an ideal and effective cannabinoid for pain, nausea, and arthritis treatment, helping those with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s find some therapeutic relief. 

Other THCa consumers seek out the unique benefits of THCa by ingesting raw cannabis by grinding bud and adding it to a more palatable item like a smoothie. Others may apply crystalline THCa to their foods since it is completely flavorless, and they do not have to make efforts to hide the strange taste of raw cannabis. In this form, THCa can’t give you a psychoactive effect, but research suggests that it has neuroprotective qualities, anti-seizure, and anticonvulsant effects. (2)  Some people incorporate THCa into superfoods to boost its anti-inflammatory effects. Many place cannabis crystals within a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and bake it into a delicious edible. 

How THCa Crystals Are Made 

Making THCa into a crystalline form begins with cannabis and solvents. The chosen solvents for making crystalline cannabis are acetic acid and hexane; these compounds effectively dissolve the pure plant compounds that give cannabis its unique flavoring. Terpenes, fats, and other cannabinoids are chemically separated to isolate THCa in its most concentrated form. 

Next, manufacturers utilize one of two devices: a rotary or a reactionary vessel. The machine applies mechanical pressure and thermal energy until the solvent is completely evaporated, leaving behind THCa without any plant material or remnant of solvent. 

To further purify it of any other compounds, manufacturers use chromatography, a process in which more chemicals- other than the original solvents- further clean away materials from THCa. At this point in the purification process, THCa molecules have bonded closely to each other and crystallized. 

Canna Culture only sells the most high-quality products that adhere to strict manufacturing standards that ensure clients get a clean, enjoyable product without the worry of other residual chemicals or solvents. 

Crystal-Infused Pre-rolls at Canna Culture

If you want to elevate your cannabis game but aren’t quite ready to invest in your first crystal-infused eighth, consider checking out our line of premium pre-rolls: 

In-House Crystal-Infused Canna Banana 

Crystal-infused Canna Banana is a brand new take on diamond-infused THCa that encourages a more comprehensive experience with the added effects of the hybrid strain of flower. We realize that though crystalline THCa is extremely potent and converts to almost pure THC, many clients want the full advantages that cannabis has to offer. 

Canna Banana is a unique cross between its parent strains Banana and OG Kush, offering clients an entourage effect that can counteract the crystals. Many clients describe it as a heady experience, promoting a calm, relaxed effect that won’t leave you completely tranquilized. As the THCa converts to THC and increases in psychoactive potency, you may find that Crystal-infused Canna Banana will gradually create a more body-centered buzz. With roughly 40.7% THCa, consumers should be very familiar and comfortable with the effects of THC; we don’t recommend this product for clients new to cannabis or those who prefer CBD-dominant strains. We also have Canna Banana without the enhancement of THCa crystal infusion, we have this premium, in-houser product available in its simple flower form. 

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What is THCa? 

THCa is a cannabinoid abundantly present within raw cannabis that converts to THC when exposed to heat. THCa, however, has a unique chemical structure and provides a different set of health and wellness benefits that are non-psychoactive. THCa has proven neuroprotective and anti-seizure qualities as well as anti-inflammatory capabilities that help clients find sustainable pain relief. THC, on the other hand, is most notable for its psychoactive properties. 

What are THCa crystals? 

THCa crystals are created from a cannabis concentrate. Through chemical reactions and a process that involves solvents and a process called chromatography, cannabis extract manufacturers can isolate the cannabinoid THCa from the plant materials of cannabis. Through extensive purification, manufacturers remove the solvents and the THCa molecules bind so closely together that it becomes a crystalline form. 

How can I consume THCa crystals? 

THCa in its crystalline form can be consumed in a drink or baked into an edible via a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil. They can also be dabbed on their own or ground into a finer substance and sprinkled onto flower before smoking it. 


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