Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters is an instantly recognizable brand at the dispensary. While the name alone should tell you what you’re getting into, family-owned, Los Angeles born and based Heavy Hitters has offered us high-potency cartridges, pre-rolls and edibles for many years, starting their venture way back in 1996. Packed full of THC, Heavy Hitters cannabis products can take you where you need to go!

Here at Canna Culture, we pride ourselves in offering only the finest quality cannabis products to our customers. And, Heavy Hitters has more than earned its place as one of our most beloved brands! 

Clients come to our San Jose dispensary in search of the very best in terms of quality and potency, and Heavy Hitters is just the brand to satisfy! With Heavy Hitters you get the same incredible experience each time you choose them, so you’re sure to want to try the full range of their products. We offer delivery to a number of surrounding neighborhoods, including Los Altos, Mountain View, Cupertino, San Martin, and Los Gatos. Get started with your order online, or learn more about Heavy Hitters and our other products, by visiting the dispensary, or by giving us a call at (408) 264-7877.

The Heavy Hitters Story

Founded in Los Angeles, Heavy Hitters quickly became one of the titans in the cannabis industry. Amassing a number of awards in that time, in 2019, they were ranked in the top 100 cannabis companies by Green Entrepreneur, and in 2021, they created a world first; a full-profile, liquid trichome tincture, HVY Grand. These accolades have resulted in a stellar reputation among the California cannabis scene and beyond. And, judging by how well they sell, we know that when you choose Heavy Hitters, you’re always making the right choice

A Powerful High

Heavy Hitters is perhaps best known for quality vape cartridges. Their process is based on a simple, but important premise; ultra potent concentrates can only be achieved with ultra premium cannabis. This is done by using trusted, expert farmers for precision extraction, testing, and distillation. The extraction process is free from harmful cutting agents such as vitamin E, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Seasoned cannabis users will understand how coaxing the rich cannabinoids from the flower without using these chemicals cultivates the purest form of THC. This testing process has received certificates of analysis by prestigious 3rd party labs. And now, Heavy Hitters has expanded into the pre-roll arena! The choice between Heavy Hitters and their competition comes down to consistent quality across all fronts: flavor, THC-potency, and an experience derived from the best cannabis in the paradise that is California. 

Science Behind Concentrates

Researchers have found that concentrates contain on average 62.1% THC while flower had a much lower percentage, 17.1%.[1] This difference results in a much more intense high with concentrates. But don’t think that a higher high means you’ll be wiped out for the rest of the day. A study performed at The University of Colorado Boulder found that although the concentrates delivered more THC into the bloodstream, it did not enhance their level of impairment. The most common side effects were short term memory loss that was eventually regained in an hour.[2] With Heavy Hitters, customers can receive the purest cannabis experience on the market, with some of the most potent concentrates available.

Vape Concentrates Selection

We offer one of the biggest selections of Heavy Hitters vape concentrates. There’s so much to choose from, whether it’s a fruity fresh taste or a deep, earthy finish. Watch out for those 90% or higher THC options! Here’s just a selection of what’s available.


Made with 100% native terpenes, up to 95% THC

  • Blue Dream (89.00% THC): A sativa with floral notes that yields a cerebral, full-body high.
  • Jack Herer (91.00% THC): An earthy sativa with a flower-forward taste that is perfect for creatives looking for a little boost in their focus. Also available as a 300mg disposable.
  • Sour Diesel (89.00% THC): A dreamy sativa rich in earthy tones that is good for a calm, creative focus.
  • Strawberry Cough (88.00%): A feel-good, refreshing sativa that induces creativity with a sugary-sweet strawberry flavor profile that energizes and uplifts.
  • Durban Poison (89.00% THC): An extremely potent “wake and bake” sativa, you’ll be left feeling energetic, creative, and happy with a flavorful concoction of herbs, pine, and sweetness.

For our full selection of sativa vapes, please see our online menu.


Made with 100% native terpenes, up to 95% THC

  • Forbidden Fruit (91.00% THC): An indica with complex cherry and citrus notes to alleviate stress and encourage deep relaxation.
  • Northern Lights (93.00% THC): The classic Northern Lights strain’s reputation precedes it. Let the relaxation wash over you like aurora borealis with this ultra potent cart. Also available as a 300mg disposable.
  • God’s Gift (93.00% THC): Get potency of biblical proportions with a sleep-inducing, heavenly high from this deeply relaxing indica.
  • Watermelon OG (90.00% THC): With notes of sweet, ripe watermelon, choose this fantastic indica for a stress-free day or a chill, euphoric evening.
  • Granddaddy Purple (90.00% THC): For outstanding relaxation and delicious grape and berry undertones, sit down and unwind with the granddaddy of indica concentrates.

For our full selection of indica vapes, please see our online menu.


Made with 100% native terpenes, up to 95% THC

  • Skywalker OG (89.00% THC): An intergalactic concentrate with a well-rounded high, this hybrid with pine and slight citrus notes is perfect for a day at the beach!
  • Cereal Milk OG (90.00% THC): Sweet, creamy and balanced, this delicious hybrid is a great choice for social smoking.
  • Big Apple (91.00% THC): A crisp, tart taste profile makes this hybrid a winning option to attain enhanced creative focus and relaxation.
  • For our full selection of hybrids, please see our online menu.


There’s something special about indulging in edibles as opposed to smoking flower or concentrates. Effects are not instant but rather prolonged over time.[2] And when they do, they hit hard!  This is due to the fact that, when smoked, the cannabinoids cross almost instantly into the bloodstream but when digested, the same cannabinoids are slowly metabolized. As for Heavy Hitters, they realize the desire for customers who choose the edible route. That’s why each one of their Ultra Potent Gummies is packed full with 20mg of THC. These dairy free, nut free, and gluten free gummies come in a variety of flavors and strains. Our range includes:

What Are the Best Heavy Hitters Gummies for Sleep?

Trouble sleeping? Although less well-known thanTHC, cannabinol (CBN) is another cannabinoid with strong relaxation properties. Try Midnight Cherry-flavored Lights Out, Heavy Hitters’ 1:1 THC:CBN gummies for a deep, uninterrupted slumber!

Heavy Hitters Infused Pre-Rolls

Heavy Hitters produces some of the most exquisite pre-rolls smothered with the purest concentrate with their Diamond ULTRA range. The infused pre-roll selection at Canna Culture offers smokers a convenient, portable way to smoke with unmatched flavor profiles. Each pre-roll is hand-rolled in small batches, to create a beautifully-crafted blunt just for you!

Our range includes:

Hybrid: Apples & Bananas, Animal Mints, Black Cherry Gelato, Blue Sherbert

Indica: Animal Cream Cake, Biscotti BX1, Grape Pie, Black Triangle

Sativa: Super Silver Haze, Chauffeur, Raspberry Cough

Any questions? See if someone else has asked us on the Canna Culture FAQ page!

Heavy Hitters in San Jose, CA

If, reading over these different products, you find your mouth watering or your curiosity piqued, then please stop by our San Jose dispensary and pick up your Heavy Hitters selections. Alternatively, for residents of San Jose and beyond, get your weed delivered straight to you.  To find out our minimum order rates for surrounding neighborhoods, please see our delivery radius map. We are eager to share the joys of cannabis with you and to tell you what cannabis can do for you! We understand choosing the right products can be overwhelming when there’s so much on offer. So if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our helpful budtenders. contact us on our website or call us at (408) 264-7877.

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