Fig Farms Flower

Fig Farms is an award-winning indoor breeder and cultivator based in Northern California. Started long before statewide legalization, the company produces some of the dankest, most unique weed in the state. And, with 16 strains and counting, things are only getting better for this California-based grower. They continue to receive accolades for their premium genetics, drawing attention and praise from Leafly, and even gaining a prestigious High Times cover story!

With strong branding depicting a stylized California coastline, Fig Farms packaging is clean, refined and fun. And trying out Fig Farms flower is like opening an exciting mystery box. As the twinkling graphics suggest, there’s something magical to be found in every purchase. Each strain smells as unique as its genetics, with notes including blue Gatorade, Red Vines, Chiclets, and even, according to some reviews, mouthwash. And it isn’t just the smell that’s impressive. Every Fig Farms strain packs between 29-33% THC.

See what Fig Farms flower is all about. Residents of San Jose and Santa Clara County know the best indoor hybrids are at Canna Culture, San Jose’s leading cannabis specialists. Order for delivery or pickup via our extensive online menu. Have questions about which Fig Farms flower strain to try? Give our budtenders a call at (408) 264-7077.

Born and Bred in Northern California

Fig Farms is the brainchild of legacy growers Keith and Chloe Healy. Founded in Sonoma County, their business venture began in the days when you still needed a medical card to get your weed. Now, the experienced duo are considered two of the most diligent, experienced indoor cannabis breeders in California. 

The Healys take pride in their brand, and their unique range of original, award-winning strains. Similarly, they don’t shy away from getting their hands dirty. In fact, most days you’ll find them in the warehouse coordinating their operation with their workers. And it isn’t enough to just grow great weed like most aspire to do in the industry. Fig Farms produces some of the most exotic, the most unusual, and the most beautiful-looking flower in the business!

“Yeah, But is it Figs?”

At this point, you may be asking why a cannabis brand was named after a fruit. The origin of the name was revealed by Keith in his interview with High Times. Believe it or not, the brand’s name doesn’t come from the flower disguised as a fruit (interesting fact: figs are syconia, a group of inverted flowers that grow within a pod). Keith states that figs was street slang for “dense, thick, pointed buds.” So, when he was growing up in Santa Barbara, and someone had weed, he would ask “Yeah, but is it figs?” to check if it was any good. (1) Years later, a unique cannabis brand with an original name, Fig Farms, was born.

Weed Delivery in San Jose 

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Indoor Cultivation at its Finest

Fig Farms breeds and cultivates indoors. There are many advantages to indoor cannabis growing, the clearest being the control you have over the environment your plants are in. A finely-tuned, technology-assisted indoor grow can make a real difference, especially when it comes to creating your own strains! In particular, indoor flower has the following features.

  • Tighter Buds
  • Denser Trichomes
  • Brighter Coloration
  • Higher THC

Nug Nirvana

A cannabis connoisseur knows a good bud when they see one. And after a single glance at the Fig Farms website, it’s clear that they produce some of the prettiest-looking strains. Fig Farms showcase their flower with animated close-ups of the goods. Buds are bold and beautiful, each with their own unique aesthetic characteristics. Just the sight of fluffy, sticky trichomes glistening alongside delicate flowers and pistils is enough to persuade any cannabis enthusiast to get home and get smoking!

See what our clients have to say by reading our product reviews.

Award-Winning Genetics

Cannabis cultivation has been happening in some form or another for around 10,000 years. (2) And nowadays, there are an estimated 700 strains (and counting). (3) Fig Farms is a leader in cross-breeding the most potent strains to produce some of the finest weed in the business. And they’re definitely on reviewers’ radars! Leafly describes one of Fig Farms’ newer strains, Doppelgänger, as “a super-fine fashion show in a sketchy city alleyway,” simultaneously exemplifying both the physical beauty and the dankest high of the hybrid. And, in August 2022, Fig Farms graced the cover of the weed world’s most well-known publication, High Times.

Bred & Grown By Fig Farms [Lineage]

  • Moonana Wreck [Banana Fig x Moon Drops 103 #1]
  • Holy Moly! [Banana Fig x Animal Mints 198 #1]
  • City Drifter [Sunset Sherbet BX1 #3]
  • Dark Karma [Dutch Treat x Strange Love]
  • Sunrise [Sherbert x Purple Fig #51]

Grown By Fig Farms [Lineage]

  • 6ixth Sense [Sherb Bx1 #6 Red Vines Pheno]
  • Blue Face [Face Off OG x Animal Mints (Blue Phenotype)]
  • Krypto Chronic #1 [(Alien Cookies x Fruity Pebbles OG) x Jet Fuel Gelato]
  • GM-OG [GMO Cookies x (Wifi OG x Triangle Mints)]
  • Doppelgänger [Purple Fig F2 (Tenderloin Pheno)]
  • Gelato 41[Bay Area Clone]
  • Kush Mint Cookies [Kush Mints x Animal Cookies]

Fig Farms Emerald Cup-Winning Strains

Every year, leading figures in the cannabis industry descend on Northern California to applaud and award the finest strains of the year. In a sea of high quality strains Fig Frms has had the honor of receiving the following Emerald Cup accolades.

  • Blue Face: Emerald Cup 3rd Place Winner, 2022
  • Holy Moly!: Indoor Flower Breeder’s Cup, 2022
  • Animal Face (retired): Emerald Cup Indoor Flower 1st Place Winner

Fig Farms Flower at Canna Culture

Moonana Wreck

Bred and grown by Fig Farms, Moonana Wreck is a client favorite at Canna Culture. It combines the genetics of Banana Fig and Moon Drops 103 #1 and has a unique aroma. Notes of cantaloupe rind, ripe banana Aquafresh toothpaste, and blue Gatorade are reminiscent of Trainwreck, which is why Fig Farms chose to include an homage to the strain in the name. Nugs are gluey and the high is fast-acting so give this Fig Farms strain a try and you’re sure to be impressed.

6ixth Sense

Have you ever tried cannabis that smells like Red Vines? Chiclets? If you haven’t, give 6ixth Sense a shot. Clients also notice the difference when they start to prepare their weed for smoking. Candy and Chiclets are replaced by a gassy, nail polish-like smell that tickles the nostrils. 6ixth Sense is a balanced hybrid, so it’s good for day or night and won’t leave you couch-locked. But it will make you want to come back for more!

Did We Mention Pre-Rolls?

As well as offering some first-class Fig Farms flower, Canna Culture also has Fig Farms pre-rolls. Packed with Holy Moly!, an award-winning strain, Fig Farms pre-rolls are a convenient way to smoke on the go without the hassle of rolling your own.

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Cost of Fig Farms Flower in San Jose, CA

Fig Farms is a premium brand with some outstandingly unique strains. To get started finding the right one for you, browse our menu online. If you have any questions about choosing a strain for a specific purpose, please get in touch with one of our budtenders by calling  (408) 264-7077 or by filling out this form.

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