Brand Spotlight: Big Pete’s Treats

Born In Santa Cruz, Delivered to You

Big Pete’s Treats is a family-owned and operated cannabis cookie company that has quickly built a reputation for their consistent, effective, and tasty goods. Opened in 2009 by Big Pete, his son Pete Jr. and daughter Katie, Big Pete’s Treats has already earned shelf space in over 100 California dispensaries. As the seismic shift of cannabis legalization made its way through the West, Big Pete and his delectable treats were right there on the forefront, helping to pave a new frontier for edible cannabis. Their cookies serve as a delicious medium to experience the medicinal – and euphoric – benefits of cannabis. From Cinnamon Sugar to Lemon to Birthday Cake, there’s a flavor for just about any sweet tooth. 

Here at Canna Culture, we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with the best, highest quality cannabis products on the market. In addition to Big Pete’s Treats, we offer an array of cannabis products for clients who are interested in flower, vapes, concentrates, CBD, and many others! Please come visit us at our San Jose location or call us at (408) 264-7877. If you are unable to make it to our dispensary, let us bring the dispensary to you! We now offer the option of delivering any one of our products directly to your front door.

It’s All In The Cannabutter

Beginning in the beachside town of Santa Cruz, California in 1979, Big Pete Feurtado began his culinary endeavor by seeking out different locales to finely cultivate his recipes and baking strategies – equipped with his surfboard and Tom Selleck ‘stache, no less. After all, Big Pete was on a mission. This journey took him 2,336 miles west to gather inspiration as he surfed the Hawaiian mavericks, trying to concoct his now coveted cannabis cookie. Big Pete soon found the secret that would put his cookies head and shoulders over the competition: his cannabutter. 

With the right configuration and cooking approach, Big Pete’s cannabutter became the secret ingredient he would hold on to until 2009 when Big Pete’s Treats was ready to open shop in Santa Cruz. Quickly, their cookies began selling out. Soon, dispensaries came calling. After hiring his son and daughter to help navigate the business through the waters of cannabis legalization, Big Pete’s Treats, the family business, took the edible market by storm, winning countless awards and becoming a staple product in many dispensaries all over the state. However, while many companies have turned to concentrated cannabis-infused oils, Big Pete has stuck to his guns; his first-class cannabutter. The cannabutter keeps the treats tasting just right with a reliable dose in every single one of their cookies – and it’s the reason so many clients keep coming back to CannaCulture to grab another bag of Big Pete’s Treats. 

Here at CannaCulture, we understand the moral of Big Pete’s story is to stick to what got you here. Big Pete’s Treats are an essential part of our inventory, and we believe it should be an essential part of your cannabis consumption. Take it before an adventure begins or just as the adventure is winding down. Or channel your inner Big Pete and ride some waves – all the while enjoying Big Pete’s Treats!

Local Bud From Local Buds

Reliable & Sustainable

In 2019, California was estimated to produce 58% of the cannabis supply in the U.S – approximately 17.3 million pounds of cannabis.[1] This agricultural feat is just one of the new norms for an industry that’s rapidly growing to keep up with an ever-increasing demand – and legislation. However, as the demand for quality, reliable cannabis increases, it’s crucial to be conscious of the environmental impact. Big Pete’s Treats is! Exclusively utilizing only Santa Cruz cannabis from regional growers, clients can feel responsible knowing that when they enjoy Big Pete’s cookies they are getting local, organic, The Golden State cannabis.

Give Back to The City That Raised You

By using local bud from local buds, Big Pete’s Treats checks off another box many other companies can’t: helping to boost the local economy. Utilizing naturally grown Santa Cruz cannabis, Big Pete’s Treats gives back to the city where they were founded. In 2020, the cannabis industry made $4.4 billion in California alone, which is up 57% from the prior year.[2] A gold rush to the top of this bullish market can cause some to be left behind, but not for the city of Santa Cruz. With the help of companies like Big Pete’s Treats, local growers can feel supported as their plants are used instead of industrial growers. By using local growers, Big Pete’s Treats gives their customers a reliable source of cannabis that has been grown from the same fertile California land that raised so many of us. When choosing Big Pete’s Treats, clients at CannaCulture are buying an honest product that works to keep the land and the farmers sustainable for generations to come.

Restoring Good Vibes

In high school, Big Pete led a project to clean up the iconic Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz. This spirit and energy have remained a constant in Big Pete’s life and company. Every year, Big Pete’s Treats initiates clean-up efforts to pick up trash from various places around the California Coast. In 2019, Big Pete’s Treats led Beach Clean days in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Venice Beach, and Port Hueneme. 

Highlight of Specific Products

All of Big Pete’s Treats cookies come in either Indica or Sativa. Per bag, there are ten cookies. Some bags contain cookies with 5mg THC for the novice enjoyer while some contain 10mg for the regular consumer. Look for the dosage amount on front of our packaging. Talk to one of our expertly trained, friendly Budtenders at CannaCulture to find just the right edible for your next adventure. Big Pete’s Treats flavors include:

  • Chocolate Chip: this classic cookie is the best way to end the chapter of a long day. Kick your feet up, grab a glass of warm milk, listen to the rain patter on the window of a lazy Sunday, and enjoy one of Big Pete’s Chocolate Chip cookies.
  • Peanut Butter: this old-school flavor is perfect for any late-night snacker, but snacker be wary: it may invigorate your munchies even more.
  • Cinnamon Sugar: a perfect companion to a hike, a date in the park, or crushed up on top of a bowl of ice cream, these cookies are best when passed around the circle of a Saturday night backyard hangout. 
  • Lemon: like a ray of sunshine, warm and bright, this cookie will have you feeling sweet and bubbly as you crack open a new book, take the dog for a stroll, or take a pause and embrace nature. 
  • Birthday Cake: get the party started with this cookie! It’s perfect for any celebration from parties to anniversaries to just a Sunday brunch with friends and family. Pair this with a day out or a night in. 
  • Double Chocolate: best when jamming with friends or at a bonfire on the beach; this cookie can satisfy your cravings and wash the stresses of the day away like the tide. 
  • Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: with a POP of flavor that lights up your tastebuds, this cookie is perfectly paired with a much-needed surf break or when you cuddle up to binge the latest Netflix series. 
  • Insane Churro Cookie: taken before a concert, stand-up comedy show, or ball game, this cookie is best for those looking for a way to enhance the experiences around them while keeping their feet firmly placed on the ground. 
  • Strawberry Coconut Cookie: the smooth aroma of strawberry and coconut is thick with this cookie. Try one while lounging out poolside or just before a long walk. 

Your VIP Experience in Los Gatos

For those interested in all things edible cannabis, choosing Big Pete’s Treats is a no-brainer. Looking to pick up a bag of Big Pete’s? Here at CannaCulture, we got you covered. We share in Big Pete’s pursuits to bring customers the best quality products. Since joining the Bay Area community in 2011, we have strived to bring our clients reliable, sustainable products that are effective as well as efficient. Check out what we have in store and see what can be delivered right to your door with our fast and simple delivery services. Also if you aren’t already a VIP member now is the time to join. VIP members receive:

  • 2% back for every dollar spent before tax
  • Bring friends and family and get a pre-roll for less than $2
  • Be the first to get notified about our demo days with BOGOs

If you have any questions one of our expert Budtenders would be happy to help you either in-store or over the phone at (408) 264-7877.


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