All About Kief

Kief is the golden-green crystalline powder that coats cannabis flowers. It’s an important contributor to the potency of bud: the more kief on the flower you smoke, the more intense the high. Most flower contains around 12-25% THC. On the other hand, kief is typically around the 50% mark. In fact, very potent kief can even reach upwards of 80% THC! If you haven’t had the time to sit down and examine your buds, or if you’re not quite sure what to do with the powder in your grinder, we’re here to give you a crash course in kief! 

These fine particles come from the tiny outgrowths that form on some cannabis plants, known commonly in the cultivation world as trichomes. Also known as “dust,” “dry sift,” or “chief,” kief is highly sought after. But what exactly does it do? And why is it so highly prized? 

In its original language, Arabic, kief  (kayf) translates to “intoxication” or “pleasure,” which gives you a pretty good indication of what kief is all about! What makes trichome structures so important to connoisseurs is that they contain very high amounts of THC and CBD. Kief is therefore a sought-after ingredient that can be used in various different ways to improve your smoking experience. 

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What are Trichomes?

If you’ve ever seen a cannabis plant in its later stages in person, or in a photograph, you’ll have noticed that, sometimes, there’s what looks like a fuzzy covering surrounding the buds. These structures are trichomes. Up-close, these mushroom-shaped appendages look like tiny, clear feelers. They’re actually gland-like areas that produce cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.


Cannabinoids are biological compounds that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the human body. Of the hundreds of known cannabinoids, arguably the most well-known are the phytocannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – the former being responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effects. (1)


Terpenes make up the essential oils in cannabis plants and are responsible for the aromatic characteristics of cannabis. (2) Cannabinoids and terpenes are thought to have an entourage effect in the body. This means they work together to achieve an effect that would not be possible on their own.


Flavonoids are plant compounds that are found in cannabis and other organic materials. They add to the flavor profile of the plant and can be used to differentiate between strains.

These substances produced by trichomes function to defend the plant. They are extremely bitter and give off a pungent aroma, which serves as a real deterrent to herbivorous animals (but not much of a deterrent to us!). On female cannabis flowers, three types of glandular trichome have been described based upon their surface morphology: bulbous, sessile, and stalked. (3)

Whichever type of trichome is harvested, it can be converted into kief!

How Can We Get Kief From Trichomes?

The most common way you can obtain kief is to get grinding! When you pulverize your bud in a grinder, the trichomes fall off and settle at the bottom as a powder. Some metal three-chamber grinders even have kief catchers, which filter and keep the kief neatly for you to use later. Additionally, some people use a silk screen to collect kief. You can use a coarser silk screen (between 80 and 270 mesh, or lines per inch) like you’d buy for printing t-shirts or posters to separate the bud from the powder. This method can be employed to catch larger amounts of the powder, if you have a good amount of flower and you’re really looking to collect from your product.

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Fuzzies & Mini Fuzzies at Canna Culture

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Other Ways to Use Kief

Top a Bowl

For many veteran users, “crowning” a bowl or a pipe is their go-to use for kief. Allow a little extra space for kief when you pack your bowl for a hard-hitting high! Lighting the edge (or “cornering” the bowl) will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits without the kief burning away too fast.

Homemade Kief Joints

If you want to collect kief from the flower you’ve bought already – go for it! Season freshly ground cannabis with a little kief and roll it up, or “twax” your joint by coating the outside with kief. Although you can smoke kief on its own, bear in mind that it burns fast and long, so keep an eye on it when you put it down!

Cooking With Kief

Decarbing is a process you must undertake if you want to get the best out of your weed in food. Through heating in an oven, the chemical compounds in cannabis change. Although it can be fun to experience the end result, it can be time-consuming! However, decarbing kief is much faster! Spread out your kief in an oven-safe tray for around 20 minutes at 250° F (121° C) and it will be ready to use in food preparations such as cannabutter!

Homemade Hash

You can press kief with an iron to make hash at home! After putting your kief into a fold of parchment paper (not wax paper, it’ll stick!), use your iron on the lowest setting through a buffer material, such as a thin cloth or newspaper, and iron. Make sure you only apply dry heat for a couple of seconds each time you press down. You’ll need to do this around 20 times, flipping the parchment paper every 5 swipes for the best results. You’ll know the hash is ready when it’s no-longer sticky! (4)

Kief Coffee

Want a pick-me-up with a difference? Try kief in your morning joe! Start by sprinkling a small amount (around ¼ g/0.009oz) into your cup. Heating the kief will activate the cannabinoids, helping you prolong feelings of invigoration and relaxation! 

Remember, when it comes to cannabis everyone’s tolerance varies, and different strains will garner different results. If you’re smoking a joint or a bowl, or if you’re enjoying new ways to consume kief, remember to stay safe and start at the lowest dosage!

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What can I use kief for?

You can use kief in more ways than you think! Most people top their bowls with this powder to enhance their high, however, some incorporate kief into their regular joints – either on the inside, or coating the outside. You can even use kief instead of decarbed cannabis to make cannabutter and other infused foodstuffs.

What color is pure kief?

The lighter the kief is, the purer! A lot of ground kief looks green because it has other plant debris mixed up with it. However, if you extract kief with a grinder that has a filtration screen and collection chamber, you’ll notice it’s both lighter and purer!

Should I throw powder from my grinder away?

Well…it’s your choice what you do with your weed, but we’d say NO! The powder collected in your grinder is a mixture of plant matter and kief, one of the most potent parts of the plant. You can collect kief and use it in your joints and bowls for an added boost to your smoking experience!


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