Alice B. Toklas, Mother of the Pot Brownie

A Woman Ahead of her Time

Alice B. Toklas, born in San Francisco in 1877, was a publisher, author, and “Mother of the Pot Brownie” – an indelible edible contribution to canna culture. But dig deeper into the grandmother of “hashies,” and you’ll find a fascinating portrait of Gertrude Stein’s lover and collaborator.

Recipe For Controversy

First thing’s first: that recipe. In 1954, Toklas published The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Part French cuisine, part memoir, Toklas also included recipes from her peers, one of which was a recipe for hashish fudge provided by avant-garde artist Brion Gysin. (Look up Brion Gysin’s cut-up method; a fun activity to do while you feel the effects of his recipe.)

Publishers left the risque recipe out of the US publication; the 50s weren’t ready for Toklas or her pot pal. But eventually, in the early 1960s, a second edition, including the recipe, was published for US consumption, and hippie culture crowned their queen. (1) The recipe even inspired part of a movie starring Peter Sellers called “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!” Side note on that: be sure to Google this movie to see a clip in which a woman uses a stand mixer while wearing a heavily fringed top – James Bond has nothing on this level of danger.

Toklas explained her innocent inclusion of the recipe in an interview on Pacifica Radio in 1963. She said, “I thought it was just a joke of [Gysin’s]…I was shocked to find that America wouldn’t accept it because it was too dangerous.” (2) America lightened up, thanks in part to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson who reported that there was no link between violence and cannabis use, nor was it a gateway drug. (3)

Alice B. Toklas’s Recipe for Pot Brownies

It should be noted before diving into this rainy day confection that these are less a brownie than a majoun. A majoun is an ancient sweet resembling fudge but containing no chocolate; many compare a majoun to Turkish delight. 

In the text accompanying the recipe, the snack is dubbed “an entertaining refreshment,” and that “Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic reveries and extension of one’s personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected.” A relatively strong tip of the hat to its effect. Maybe Toklas just thought they were crazy good brownies. Toklas said she was pressed for time and sent the manuscript to her publisher without trying the recipe out. 

Now without further ado:

Hashish Fudge (which anyone could whip up on a rainy day)

  • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns
  • 1 whole nutmeg
  • 4 average sticks of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon coriander

About a handful each of:

  • Stoned dates
  • Dried figs
  • Shelled almonds
  • Peanuts


  • Cannabis sativa (the recipe calls for “a bunch”)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Big pat of butter

Grind the first four ingredients in a mortar. Then, chop the fruit and nuts and mix them. Pulverize the cannabis and, along with the spices, dust over the fruit and nut mixture and combine. Dissolve the sugar and butter together and add them to the dry mixture. Roll into a cake and cut into pieces or roll into balls about the size of a walnut.

The recipe reminds us these “…should be eaten with care. Two pieces are quite sufficient.”

Following the recipe, the text explains how to obtain cannabis. This “common weed” is growing globally, and indica is more common in the US, yet “obtaining the cannabis may present certain difficulties….” 

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Behind Every Great Woman is Another Great Woman

Beyond her contribution to the world of cannabis, Toklas contributed significantly to the career of her lover, Gertrude Stein. Toklas devoted herself to Stein and her work the way Stein devoted herself to writing. Toklas managed a salon at their Paris home at 27 rue de Fleurus in Paris, where the pair lived for thirty years; literary heavyweights like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Wilder, and artists like Picasso and Matisse often attended. 

Additionally, Toklas proofread, edited, typed, and published Stein’s work. Toklas maintained Stein’s literary legacy for twenty years after her death in 1946. (4) Nine years after Stein’s death, Toklas, who was Jewish, converted to Catholicism on the chance that it might be possible to spend eternity with Stein after her death. Toklas died in 1967 and was buried next to her love; the pair are laid to rest in Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. (5) Roll (or bake) one up for Toklas, who followed her happiness to the end; like Gertrude Stein, herself said, “One must dare to be happy.”

But Does Cannabis Make You Happy?

“Brilliant storms of laughter” and “…ecstatic reveries” promises Gysin’s recipe. Outside of the giggles, does THC affect happiness on a biological level? Scientists think so. Declining neurogenesis, or the formation of new neurons in the brain, is linked to depression. While psychoactive drugs can contribute to this decline, psychedelic drugs may help improve the construction of new neurons. (6) One study found that a small amount of cannabis (about one puff) taken every day “can reverse the age-related decline in neurogenesis that might underlie depression.” (7)

What Kind of Cannabis Should You Choose?

Toklas’s recipe calls for either indica or sativa, but the language around cannabis has changed since then. Moving away from “strains,” chemovars or chemical varieties now categorize cannabis.

Sativa is associated with energy, while indica produces a more zen-like effect, but connoisseurs know the results are much more nuanced, and plants can have different chemical compositions.

Cannabinoid Profiles

  • THC – is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis plants, which is responsible for the “high” or state of the euphoria associated with cannabis use. 
  • CBD – non-impairing or non-euphoric. May reduce pain and nausea, help prevent seizures, and ease migraine symptoms.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) – is used to ease symptoms and side effects of neurological conditions.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) – is similar to THC without the psychoactive effects.
  • Cannabigerol (CBG) – is thought to help reduce anxiety and depression.

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