Welcome New Patients

We’re thrilled you found us and are considering joining our collective! We treat our new members the same way we treat our old members… like family! We truly hold your health and well-being as our main priority when suggesting medicine to soothe your ailments. You’ll see things at Canna Culture that you won’t see anywhere else. Truly unique and exclusive medicine from only the top providers in the industry. Come visit us and see why many say we have the BEST service, BEST display, and BEST medicine in San Jose!

New Member Requirements

All new patients must bring the Original Doctor’s Recommendation (Sorry, photocopies not accepted) PLUS (1) of the forms of identification listed below:

  • Current Valid California Driver’s License

  • Current Valid California Identification Card

  • Expired California Driver’s License PLUS Temporary Valid California DMV Driver’s License

  • Expired California Identification Card PLUS Temporary Valid California DMV Driver’s License

  • Current (not expired) Out-of-State Driver’s License PLUS Temporary California DMV Driver’s License

  • Current Valid Passport PLUS Temporary California DMV Driver’s License

Military Discount

Current United States Military Photo Identification with California Address



CCC dedicated and Staff is eager to assist you in choosing the right products for you.  Our diverse and service minded staff, are knowledgeable with the varieties of flowers, concentrates and edibles and are referred to as educators by many of the members.  CCC’s takes the time to discuss the therapeutic applications of each of our products.  We treat each patient as part of our family, because you are part of our family.